Vrolls Vietnamese Food Offers delicious, home-made, fresh Vietnamese food. We have take out, eat in, delivery, and catering options available. Please contact us for catering requests. Delight your taste buds with the shrimp Pad Thai – Pad Thai Tom, the Vrolls House Special Steamed Rice – Com Dac Biet Vrolls, and the Wonton Egg Noodles Soup – Mi Hoanh Thanh. Thirsty too? Try our Smoothies topping with mixed jelly or tapioca!




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Anastasya Chuchulo

Quick and very pleasant service, chicken pad Thai was perfect, I couldn't get enough! Will definitely return!

Chris Priester

Food was excellent and the server was good. Not much I'd change for a VERY casual place. Price was excellent. Most expensive thing was $11.95.

D. D.
I like it. So far it tasted fresher than Thai Express at least the pad Thai. Avocado shake and shrimp wrap. Not too bad at all. I'll be back til next time.
Vickie Do

I'm very impressed by the authenticity and low cost of VRolls! I would highly recommend it if you're looking to grab a quick, cheap, but authentic and delicious Vietnamese meal!